I Am Your Digital Social Strategist

Who I Am

Over 27 years experience in the legal arena with marketing experience. In particular digital marketing, strategic planning, marketing research, database marketing, website promotion, company branding and business development with the ability and skill set to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward thinking leadership in a team environment. Focused on achieving continuous improved business performance. Experienced in legal marketing, public relations and management for B2B and B2C.

Prospecting Leads –Strategic Planning – Marketing Plan & Budget Forecasting – Database Marketing – Digital Marketing – Direct & E-Mail Marketing – Social Media Marketing – SEO/SEM –Lead Generation / Lead Nurturing Campaigns – Google AdWords & Social Ad Campaigns – Sales and Landing Pages and Affiliate Marketing.

How I Work

1 Discovery & Onboarding: Our number one mission at the beginning of client relationships is to get to know you and your needs and get behind them to get you results. From there we onboard and get up and running with all your social platforms and push them over to us so we can get consistent engagement and reach!

2 Strategy & Development: We make certain to connect with you and your business and get to the number 1 goal for you. Is that leads? Is that selling tickets to an event? Driving to a webinar? We help you figure out the best Call To Action for you and your business and push it out to get people to show up.

3 Evaluate & 2MM Shifts: We are 100% about results. And a big part of that is evaluating the analytics and making necessary shifts whenever and wherever possible. This is where the magic begins. In the analytics. Getting results and the best possible engagement and conversions happens when you gage where you are and strive to hustle and make them the best they can possibly be. We love our clients and making them a success is our biggest goal.